The Baccarat Line Is Back in Australia and Double Bay, Melbourne and Sydney.

Visit and experience the line for yourself, whether you are looking for a delicate ice bucket for your home bar or a lovely gift, Baccarat is the only line that you should purchase. Baccarat is best known for their crystal and glass, including beautifully more.

Come and View our Range of Baccarat Barware in Double Bay, from Palmer & Penn

If you’re having guests over soon for a dinner party, you might be frantically searching your cupboards for your finest china and glassware. If you haven’t used it for some time, there’s always a chance that something has managed to take a chip out of one of more.

A rare find: Baccarat Highball Glasses in Double Bay, Melbourne, NSW and in Sydney

Palmer & Penn, located in Double Bay, Melbourne and Sydney as well as online, is the exclusive reseller of Baccarat. Those who know the Baccarat brand appreciates that it has not been available in Australia for almost thirty years. Palmer & Penn is now more.

Looking for Beautiful Baccarat Barware in Melbourne? Try Palmer & Penn in Double Bay

Amongst our stunning collection of trunks and suitcases, the divine creations by Baccarat crystal can now be found at Palmer & Penn. In addition to the classic and beautiful vintage luggage sets that we have in store, our collection of elegant more.

Exclusive and Stylish Baccarat Champagne Flutes Delivered to Double Bay, Melbourne and Sydney

Everybody has their own tastes when it comes to making their home look stylish, whether trying to create excellence in their Double Bay, Melbourne or Sydney home. When you’ve worked so hard to achieve a high position within your company, or possibly even more.

Baccarat Chandeliers Will Add Style to Any Home in Double Bay, Sydney and Melbourne

Making a home look truly luxurious and unique isn’t always an easy task. You might have visited all of the high-end stores in your local area, whether that’s Double Bay, Sydney or Melbourne, looking for the very best products to decorate your home with, but you more.

Get Baccarat Crystal and Vases in Sydney and Melbourne

Baccarat. If you’ve never heard of it, you don’t know what you’re missing—but you’re about to. Baccarat is one of the world’s undisputed leaders in producing fine crystal and glassware, and now for the first time in 30 years, it’s available in Australia. more.

Looking for a Baccarat Decanter and Tumblers? Try This Store in Double Bay

Glassware can add that elusive touch of luxury to your home, especially if you’re frequently in the habit of entertaining guests. It may seem like a small detail, but the little things in life are often the most important, and people always seem to more.

Baccarat Tumblers Are Now Available in Double Bay, Melbourne, NSW and Sydney

Those who know the Baccarat brand appreciate that Baccarat has not been in Australia for almost thirty years. Palmer & Penn located in Double Bay and also online, is the exclusive reseller of Baccarat. What is the history of Baccarat Tumblers that have more.

Make your Melbourne Home Look Beautiful with Lalique Bowls, Vases and Glasses

Your home is probably your pride and joy. You may live in one the most picturesque areas of Melbourne with a property overlooking the sea, or you might have a stunning condo that faces the magnificent skyline of this beautiful city. A home exists to provide you more.

Unique and Rare Lalique Sculptures in Double Bay, Melbourne, Sydney

Are you a collector of unique Lalique sculptures or other luxury Lalique items? Whether you are expanding your collection or looking for the perfect place for your wedding gift registry, the Palmer & Penn showroom of Double Bay is a must-see more.

Lalique Candles, Vases, And Bowls Make the Perfect Adornment for Your Sydney Home

Is your home currently looking somewhat dull? Have you thought that you need to do something to improve the look of your home's interior? If so, you might want to give some consideration to Lalique candles for your Sydney domicile (or bowls and vases more.

Need the Perfect Suitcase? Luxury Luggage Available in Double Bay Including Trunks and Suitcases

Trunks, suitcases, and other luggage make a big difference when you’re travelling. Not only do they hold your personal belongings, but they also make a strong statement about who you are. The right suitcase or trunk can be the difference between making or more.

Where Can You Find a Good Suitcase? Luxury Luggage for Your Melbourne Home, Including Trunks and Suitcases

The importance of having the right equipment to pack your things in simply cannot be stressed enough. Luggage is often one of the first things people notice about a traveller, so if you’re making an important journey for either business or pleasure, you’ll more.

Find a Suitcase You’ll Love Forever: Luxury Suitcases, Trunks and other Luggage for Sydney and Other Areas

A suitcase is more than just something that you use to carry your clothes and personal possessions. A suitcase is an article of fashion—it either says that you’re slick, organised and put together. We’re fairly confident that when you travel, you want more.

How Baccarat Chandeliers and Tumblers can make your Sydney Home Look Breath-Taking

When you’ve put the hard work in throughout your whole lifetime to make the best of yourself and reap the rewards, doesn’t it make sense that you’d want your success and achievements to be reflected by your home’s image? Our biggest incentive in putting more.

Unique and Rare Vintage Designer Luggage in Double Bay, Melbourne, Sydney

Are you searching for unique vintage designer luggage in the Double Bay, Melbourne, and Sydney areas? If you are a collector of rare vintage designer luggage pieces of any sort, the Palmer & Penn showroom is a must-see sophisticated French-inspired more.

Unique and Rare Vintage Designer Suitcase in Double Bay, Melbourne, Sydney

If you are in search of an authentic vintage designer suitcase in the Double Bay, Melbourne, and Sydney areas, the Palmer & Penn showroom is a must-see sophisticated French-inspired shop. Our team has the product knowledge to match more.

Choose Lalique Bowls & Vases for The Perfect Gift in Double Day

What could be nicer? If you've a friend who enjoys elegance, class and luxury, why not get them a gift that epitomises all of these qualities, and much more? There are some gifts that, after a short while, lose their appeal, their spark, and what made them more.

Cashmere from Bemboka Blankets, Online at Palmer & Penn

Nothing quite says luxury like a sumptuous cashmere blanket or throw. A superior blanket makes a statement in an understated way, much like a fine leather sofa. All cashmere is not created equal, however. The ultimate in quality comes from yarn more.

Luxury Bemboka Scarves in Australia

Even to the amateur eye of an unitiated onlooker, a Bemboka scarf certainly appears luxurious. The fine knit and gentle sheen and drape clearly translate that it is a sumptuous accessory. It takes wearing one, though, to truly appreciate the luxe more.

Decorating Your Home Area from Bedroom to Nursery with a Bemboka Throw

Among the most understated ways to decorate your home is a quality throw. Though an item such as this may not stand out much, it certainly makes an impact. This is because it has just as much a functional as it does a decorative purpose. When you more.

Providing Optimal Care for Your Luxury Bemboka Towels

When you invest in luxury Bemboka towels for your home, one of the most important things to consider is how to care for them. You may think at the outset that luxury towels require extensive care. That isn’t the case, though. As a matter of fact more.

Fill your home with the air of Capri with a Carthusia diffuser in Sydney

The style in which you represent yourself speaks volumes about who you are and what you value. The elements with which you decorate your home is a unique chance to make a statement about those values for all who enter. However, the signature fragrance more.

What You Should Know About Finding Carthusia Perfume in Australia

As a perfume company, Carthusia can be quite mysterious to many people. This Italian house is rather small and only produces a few lines. However, what it does produce is of the highest quality, and remains among the finest in the world. Those more.

An unbelievable cleanse with Carthusia soap in Sydney

Imagine carrying the essence of a warm Mediterranean breeze, perfumed with citrus and flowers, with you throughout your day. With Carthusia soap, made from pure ingredients and aromas designed to evoke the natural elements of the Caprese more.

The Unique Properties of Fiori di Capri Carthusia Perfume

The story of Fiori di Capri is one of the most unique things about this fragrance. While the perfume itself was first produced in 1948, the recipe is much older. As the story goes, the original recipe for this fragrance was first created for a queen more.

Buy Cire Trudon Candles Online from Palmer & Penn, Australia’s Cire Trudon Candle Supplier

If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift idea, or just want to add a new crown jewel to your candle collection, start shopping at Palmer & Penn today. As a Cire Trudon candles supplier in Australia, we can help you find the more.

Upgrade Home Décor with Beautiful Ralph Lauren Homewares, Available Online in Australia from Palmer & Penn

Perhaps you are moving into a new house and want a few pieces of luxurious décor to add to the beauty and ambience of the space. Alternatively, maybe a friend or family member just got engaged and you want to send a thoughtful and more.

Why Buy Cire Trudon Candles? (And Where to Buy Them Online)

When someone chooses a Cire Trudon candle for their home or for a friend’s, they are emphatically choosing not to purchase a cheaper department store candle. Why do so many discerning customers continue to choose to buy Cire Trudon candles more.

Experience the Aroma and Beauty of Ralph Lauren Candles, with Candles, Vases, and Candle Holders for Sale from Palmer & Penn

Whether you are trying to create an atmosphere of romance with the soft, ambient glow that candles provide or simply want to spice up the décor of your space, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren candles. The Ralph Lauren brand is more.

Ditch the Generic Department Store Look: Palmer & Penn is Your Online Ralph Lauren Home Supplier in Australia

Are you tired of the humdrum way your home is decorated? Your local department store may not be up to the task, but Palmer & Penn can help. As a sole supplier of the Ralph Lauren Home range in Australia, we can help you give your more.

Seeking Perfume Stockists? Find Enticing Amouage Perfumes Online and Purchase them in Australia Easily

The scent you wear can say a lot about you, so it is essential that you choose it with great care. You want to bring out the very best you have to offer, so it’s important to find a perfume that captures your unique essence and enhances it for more .

This Amouage Stockist Can Help You Buy the Soap You’ve Been Seeking in Australia Online

Personal care is not (and should never be) a casual matter. The better care you take of yourself and your body, the better an impression you will make on the people around you. Everything from your hair products and scent to the soap you more .

Find Amouage Cologne for Men Without Having to Look All Over Australia: Just Buy Online!

Cologne shopping can be incredibly rewarding when you find just the right scent, but it isn’t always easy to do so. In fact, choosing the ideal cologne for your body can be a complicated process. Of course, it’s much easier to find the more .