Ralph Lauren Candles, Vase & Holders

Experience the Aroma and Beauty of Ralph Lauren Candles, with Candles, Vases, and Candle Holders for Sale from Palmer & Penn

Whether you are trying to create an atmosphere of romance with the soft, ambient glow that candles provide or simply want to spice up the décor of your space, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren candles. The Ralph Lauren brand is most frequently associated with quality clothing and fashion. The Ralph Lauren Home collection has been around since the early 1980s, providing aesthetically stunning high-quality twists on everything from furniture to tableware to lamps.

Ralph Lauren candles are a standout part of the Ralph Lauren Home collection. At Palmer & Penn, we are proud to be one of the only suppliers for Ralph Lauren Home products in all of Australia. If you are shopping for Ralph Lauren candles or Ralph Lauren candle holders in Australia, we are the essential place to buy.

Picking the Right Candles for Your Collection

Candles can add charm and ambience to a range of occasions. From romantic dinners to Christmastime décor, the applications for a good candle are limitless. At Palmer & Penn, we find that a lot of our customers buy candles as gifts—whether for weddings, anniversaries, or holidays.

Regardless of why you are shopping for candles, there is surely something in our stock that will match your needs. In addition to Ralph Lauren candles, we also stock candles from other high-end luxury brands like Cire Trudon and Lalique. All three brands are known for making candles with rich, high quality wax, carefully concocted scents, and designs that make them as perfect for decoration as they are for ambient lighting.

If décor is on your mind, we carry Ralph Lauren vases and candle holders. Display your luxury candles in a crystal glass vase, or turn your candles into perfect table decorations and centrepieces with candlesticks. At Palmer & Penn, we can help you find the right Ralph Lauren candle holder or vase for your candle.

Buy Ralph Lauren Candles and Candle Accessories with Confidence

When it comes to buying luxury candles, vases, or other high-end goods, some customers are hesitant to buy online. What if the product gets damaged in transit, or isn’t what you thought you were getting?

At Palmer & Penn, you can buy Ralph Lauren vases and candles with confidence. We are not new to the luxury goods market: Palmer & Penn dates back to 2005, when we launched our business with the goal of bringing customers the best in rare, antique, or otherwise high-end luggage products.

Since then, we have added addition product categories—such as luxury Ralph Lauren candles—to our offerings. Despite the expansion, we respect every product and every buyer equally. We know how to package and ship luxury items so that they arrive intact (even fragile goods like Ralph Lauren vases). Our easy return policy is designed with customer convenience in mind.

Whether you are in the market for a Ralph Lauren candle, vase, or candle holder, you can trust Palmer & Penn to sell you an authentic product and make sure it gets to you in perfect condition. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 0293284800.