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Ditch the Generic Department Store Look: Palmer & Penn is Your Online Ralph Lauren Home Supplier in Australia

Are you tired of the humdrum way your home is decorated? Your local department store may not be up to the task, but Palmer & Penn can help. As a sole supplier of the Ralph Lauren Home range in Australia, we can help you give your space a fresh and luxurious look. The Ralph Lauren Home line includes categories such as furniture, lighting, fabric, wallcovering, floorcovering, and tabletop accessories and accents. With so many ways to reimagine your home’s décor, the only question is, where do you want to start?

Ralph Lauren Home: A History of Design Excellence

Famed American clothing designer Ralph Lauren was so fed up with the lacklustre state of home fashion in the early 1980s that he decided to launch his own line. By that point, Lauren had already made a name for himself building the Ralph Lauren brand from its humble beginnings in the late 1960s into one of the premier brands in men’s and women’s fashion. Advancement into home fashion was a natural extension of Lauren’s experience, backed by a proven eye for colour, design, and detail.

Indeed, when the Ralph Lauren Home line got started, Lauren was using ideas from his men’s fashion lines—think classy striped patterns and subtle plaids—in his company’s sheets and linen. The line quickly ballooned into an essential part of the Ralph Lauren brand. Lauren had managed to bring something more refined and classy to the home market. To this day, Ralph Lauren Home is a name that homeowners trust when it comes to upgrading their home décor.

Revamp your Home Design with Palmer & Penn as Your Ralph Lauren Home Supplier

If you are shopping for Ralph Lauren Home in Australia, Palmer & Penn is your trusted and exclusive partner. As the only Ralph Lauren Home supplier in the country, we are the go-to source for Ralph Lauren’s finest homewares. Luckily, we ship nationwide, so no matter where you are, we can help you get your hands on the right goods.

Let our expert quality team help you add unique accents to your home’s interior décor. From stunningly ornate barware to beautiful china sets that look as good on the dinner table as they do on display, the homewares we sell can add a world of life and colour to your dining room or kitchen. Ralph Lauren Home designs some of the most gorgeous lighting appliances in the world, from crystal table lamps to chandeliers worthy of museum display.

Ralph Lauren started the Home collection in 1983 to bring something new to the home décor market. At Palmer & Penn, we are pleased to sell key products from the Ralph Lauren Home collection online so you can bring something new to your home décor.

Make us your Ralph Lauren Home supplier in Australia today by exploring our online store. If you need help finding a specific item or matching one of our homewares to your home’s existing design, feel free to get in touch by filling out our contact form.