Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet EDC 100ml


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      A masterpiece of tailoring.
      A citrus cologne, with architecture far more formal,
      crisp and aristocratic than a simple white shirt.
      The setting is Blenheim.
      Imposing, immutable, indeed a national treasure,
      we are at the home of the Duke of Marlborough.
      He for whom this bespoke scent was first made.

      Just like the most refined British humour, it is dry. (Churchill was a fan.)
      Like the best gin, aromatic.
      Whilst being as crisp as fresh laundry.
      It is as versatile as a bow-tie.
      An invigorating daytime cocktail of citrus oils, spices and woods.
      From a simple Cornish barber (Mr. Penhaligon) to contemporary urban beards:
      Blenheim Bouquet has always transcended the infidelities of Time.

      Head Notes
      Lemon, Lime And Lavender

      Heart Notes
      Blenheim Bouquet Has No Heart Notes

      Base Notes
      Pine, Musk And Black Pepper

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