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      The sun of an ancient city, rises slowly over the citadel, like liquid gold that fills the sky.

      Now, the early morning murmur of life is about to burst through, much the same as Spring. A skyline that reflects mathematical magic and so bears testimony to the cradle of scholarship that is Cairo. And in harmony with the masterly shapes that rise upwards from the earth, soft female forms command the sky. The Mediterranean melting-pot is home to a thousand minarets and a thousand fragrant gems.

      Damascan Rose is macerated in an abundance of woods and spices. An ornate and sumptuous composition that echos with saffron and incense, per fumum, the perfume of the gods. Patchouli and vanilla sign the base with the familiar reassurance of dusk.

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      CONCENTRATION: Eau de Parfum

      HEAD NOTES: Damascan, Rose, Saffron
      HEART NOTES: Labdanum, Cypriol

      BASE NOTES: Sri Lankan Sandalwood, Atlas Cedarwood

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