Lalique Bowls, Candles, Sculptures and Vases available across Australia

Lalique is a designer brand that has earned its reputation as the epitome of elegance, class and luxury, ever since its foundation in 1888. Known for the amazing quality of the glass, the creative patterns, and perfect weight. All of these factors come together to create a product that cannot be outclassed. This goes for Lalique vases as well. The shape, appearance, and other unique qualities highlight the outstanding degree of artistry that goes into the creation of Lalique products. These high quality items are more than just glassware, they are timeless works of art that never go out of style.

Palmer & Penn is an exclusive supplier of Lalique in Australia and we have; or can find, just about anything you could want regarding Lalique Bowls, Candles, Vases and Lalique Sculptures.

Looking for a specific Lalique Vase or Lalique Bowl?

If you are looking for a very particular item, we will do our part to help you locate it. If we don't have it in stock, we will try to track it down and have it shipped promptly. Palmer & Penn has exclusive relationships with suppliers and collectors that enable us to source rare Lalique items that other stores might not have access to. We even ship internationally. If you have any additional questions, would like to know more about our service, or need help locating an item, contact us today!

Why buy Lalique Bowls & Vases?

René-Jules Lalique, was a famed French glassmaker and jeweller who brought the crafts to new heights. His works were known for being creative, brilliant, and of superb quality. That tradition has carried on and is present in the Lalique products that we offer.

The crystalline appearance of the glasswork on the Lalique bowls is stunning and exemplifies the qualities that decoration should have. Style, grace, beauty, and more are contained within the essence of these outstanding works of art. 

All of these items are descendants from the unique traditions that René-Jules Lalique started more than a century ago. Through them, the soul of his creative genius lives on.

Why Buy Lalique from Palmer & Penn?

At Palmer & Penn, we remove the challenge from finding only the best household decorations, and we can deliver to almost any home in Australia that wants to add enviable elegance to their abode. We offer shipping of our beautiful Lalique bowls and vases to anywhere in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Perth.