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Complimentary Shipping on Orders over AU$1000.00


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Versailles Candles from Trudon


Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Sabre Paris

Elegance, colour and good humour since 1993 As Francis Gelb, founder of the Sabre brand, says, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth creates vocations. Born into a family of goldsmiths and immersed in the world of cutlery from an early age, he wanted to combine the meticulous work of the craft with his taste for colour, materials and shapes.

The beginning of Sabre: In 1993, after 7 years in the family goldsmith's business, Francis Gelb created Sabre with the support of Habitat, the famous English chain of home furnishing stores. He created a first model called "Sabre" for them and on the basis of collaboration, Francis then decided to invest in his own cutlery collection. As a symbol, he decided to name his company after this first collection which marked the beginning of a great adventure.