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Versailles Candles from Trudon


Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Baccarat Tumblers Are Now Available in Double Bay, Melbourne, NSW and Sydney

Those who know the Baccarat brand appreciate that Baccarat has not been in Australia for almost thirty years. Palmer & Penn, located in Double Bay and also online, is the exclusive reseller of Baccarat.

What is the history of Baccarat Tumblers that have only just become available in Double Bay, Melbourne and Sydney?

The history of Baccarat goes back to the times of King Louis-Philippe in 1841. The Baccarat line was originally designed for him. Baccarat was designed just for royalty, and yet they still reflect this elegance today. Baccarat is the highest quality, and every item is gorgeous.

What makes having Baccarat Tumblers right here in Double Bay so unique?

Baccarat is a rare and luxurious brand of beautiful glass, crystal décor, and glassware. Baccarat glass wear has an intricate signature design crafted into each and every piece of glass and crystal. The rarity and beauty set Baccarat apart from all others. Baccarat has only just returned as it has only been available abroad and was not accessible to those who appreciate its exquisite design here in Australia.

Our store with our elegant line of Baccarat tumblers is located in Double Bay, Melbourne and Sydney, but we have an online store too. We also ever so carefully ship to anywhere in the country as well as internationally. The advantage of coming into the store is the ability to see for yourself how the light penetrates the crystal and glass. You feel the curves or the sharp cuts and etchings. Baccarat tumblers are beyond exquisite. They are made to enhance a refined home.

The beauty of Baccarat tumblers is eternal

Baccarat tumblers make excellent barware for entertaining guests in a lounge or at a dinner party. The tumblers also make thoughtful and precious wedding gifts that are eternal keepsakes for any bride and groom. Their tumblers make excellent gifts for the lady of the house and other loved ones, for holidays and any time of the year. Anyone who owns Baccarat tumblers appreciates taking their glass wear and crystal to higher levels.

There are over two dozen designs in their line of tumblers, and they come in different sets. One set may not be enough for the owner of Baccarat glass wear.

Baccarat tumblers are perfect for morning through evening activities, depending on the style. There are many sets to choose from. A few examples from their collections of tumblers are the Everyday design, which is simple, yet versatile. Baccarat’s “Cocktail Party in a Box” gift set was released around the holidays to provide collectors with a way to host an elegant cocktail party. The Mosaique set reflects uplifting colours and may be used anytime, anywhere. The Harmonie Tumbler is made of clear crystal, and the Harcourt Abysse duo was designed by one of the most genius craftsmen, Thomas Bastide, and is one of the most attractive and unique of all of Baccarat’s tumbler’s designs.

As you can see, Palmer & Penn is honoured to house Baccarat and their line of decadent tumblers. Only an exceptional store would provide you with the experience of being able to touch and hold an object of art that you can take to your home. We invite you to visit our store and witness this understatedly beautiful line of glass wear.