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Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Find a Suitcase You’ll Love Forever: Luxury Suitcases, Trunks and other Luggage for Sydney and Other Areas

A suitcase is more than just something that you use to carry your clothes and personal possessions. A suitcase is an article of fashion—it either says that you’re slick, organised and put together. We’re fairly confident that when you travel, you want your suitcase to say that you’re the kind of person others will want to get to know, whether the purpose of your trip is business, pleasure or both.

The same goes for trunks. For many years, the trunk has been the symbol of a truly upper-echelon globetrotter, an explorer with both class and style. Trunks are also often used as furniture for homes and apartments, doubling as excellent travelling gear and fantastic desks, stands or coffee tables. So if you’re looking for a suitcase, a trunk or any other kind of luggage, you’ll want something that you can be proud to show off—in your home, your airport, or a hotel halfway around the world.

Sophisticated shoppers who want to find luxury luggage in Sydney should do themselves a favour and look into the options provided by Palmer & Penn. We carry luxury suitcases and luxury trunks that Sydney residents can easily have delivered from our store in Double Bay, and the terrific customer service we provide will make your shopping excursion thoroughly enjoyable.

A Luxury Suitcase for Your Sydney Home with a Past All Its Own

At Palmer & Penn, we’re more than just retailers. We’re also connoisseurs, historians, and archaeologists who find rare treasures and unearth their stories before making them available to the public in our Double Bay store. In addition to carrying suitcases and trunks made by some of the world’s best and brightest designers, we stock several one-of-a-kind pieces that have been made for specific purposes. For instance, legendary film director Baz Luhrmann used several of our trunks in The Great Gatsby several years ago, and many of our other pieces have tantalizing stories behind them. So if you’re seeking truly unique trunks or luxury suitcases for your Sydney home, be certain to explore our stock.

Special Services for Our Sydney Clients

For customers living in Sydney, we also offer special services oriented towards helping you find the perfect trunk for your space. When you contact us to help you find a trunk, we’ll give you the benefits of our personalised in-home service, coming out to visit your location and help you see how different trunks will fit your home. This service is especially useful for clients who are interested in purchasing luxury luggage as art or furniture, but can also be a big help for anyone who wants a product tailored to their personal aesthetic.

For that particular trunk or suitcase, call Palmer & Penn right now and learn more about our premium products and diligent customer service. Our staff will happily answer any of your questions, and help take you one step closer to finding the perfect piece.

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