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Complimentary Shipping on Orders over AU$1000.00


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Versailles Candles from Trudon


Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Ralph Lauren Homewares Supplier Online - Australia

Upgrade Home Décor with Beautiful Ralph Lauren Homewares, Available Online in Australia from Palmer & Penn

Perhaps you are moving into a new house and want a few pieces of luxurious décor to add to the beauty and ambience of the space. Alternatively, maybe a friend or family member just got engaged and you want to send a thoughtful and tasteful congratulatory gift. Either way, you can’t go wrong shopping for Ralph Lauren homewares online from Palmer & Penn.

Founded in 1967 in New York City, the Ralph Lauren brand was initially known as a men’s fashion company. Over the years, Ralph Lauren has continued to expand into new frontiers from women’s fashion to fine jewellery to bedding and beyond. Ralph Lauren now makes some of the most stunning homewares available on the market.

Finding Ralph Lauren Homewares in Australia

At Palmer & Penn, we are proud to sell Ralph Lauren homewares in Australia. At this point, there is no other store selling these products in Australia. We are exclusive suppliers.

If you are shopping for Ralph Lauren homewares online in Australia and want to avoid hefty overseas shipping costs, all you need to do is visit our website. There, you will find an extensive selection of Ralph Lauren products, ranging from home décor items to barware to dining and entertaining essentials.

In the half-century since the Ralph Lauren brand got its start, it has become synonymous with quality, luxury, and taste. All these qualities extend to the Ralph Lauren homewares range. Stunning picture frames; fine fragrant candles; artful glass vases; stunning lamp designs that range from classic to modern; eye-catching artwork; crystal wine glasses and barware; and unique tableware: Ralph Lauren has created timeless designs in each of these categories. We carry many of those products at Palmer & Penn.

The Perfect Gift for Newlyweds

Are you in the market for the perfect wedding gift? If so, start shopping our selection at Palmer & Penn today. Weddings are the perfect opportunity to give essential homewares like décor, barware, tableware, and more. These items are things that newlyweds love but will rarely think to buy for themselves.

When it comes to buying the perfect wedding gift, you want to give the happy couple something that is going to last—hopefully as long as the marriage! Cheaper homewares lose their lustre over the years, or fall out of step with trends. Ralph Lauren homewares are ideal gifts because they are crafted with care and attention to detail by world class designers and manufactured using the finest materials. From brandy glasses to lamps, these products are meant to stand the test of time.

As your Ralph Lauren homewares supplier, Palmer & Penn would be thrilled to help you find the perfect gift for an upcoming wedding. Whether you are shopping based on a registry or going off-registry for your gift, we have something that will surely light up the eyes of the happy couple. Start exploring our website today to buy Ralph Lauren homewares online.