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Complimentary Shipping on Orders over AU$1000.00


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Versailles Candles from Trudon


Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Unique and Rare Vintage Designer Luggage in Double Bay, Melbourne, Sydney

Are you searching for unique vintage designer luggage in the Double Bay, Melbourne, and Sydney areas? If you are a collector of rare vintage designer luggage pieces of any sort, the Palmer & Penn showroom is a must-see sophisticated French-inspired shop for:

  • A Wide Selection of Unique Pieces of Luggage from Vintage French Designers
  • Personalised In-Home Service to See What Our Luggage and Products Will Look Like in Your Home

The Palmer & Penn offers high-end varieties of luggage from some of the world’s most well-known designers. You can also take advantage of our personalised in-home service so you can see what the desired piece will look like in your very own space.

Located in Double Bay, we are the only location in Australia where you can find these unique items, but you can also browse our inventory in our online store from anywhere in the world. We ship internationally and nationally. If you are looking for a specific piece, we will track it down for you.

The Palmer & Penn opened in 2005 and has always specialised in antique, authentic, rare and unique French vintage designer luggage brands and items that are extremely hard to find. We are the only location in Australia providing these articles and among one of the few sites in the entire world.

As the name implies, we carry an extensive selection of vintage designer luggage and also offer a personalised in-home service so you can see our various trunks put to use in your home. Our team has a vast knowledge about all of our products so we can tell you their history.

One hundred and fifty years ago, beautiful luggage artfully-designed and expertly-crafted by famous trunk makers were a requirement for the wealthy upper classes for fantastic journeys to exotic locations. "Getting there was not as important as how you got there.”

Modern-Day Uses for These Unique Trunks and Pieces of Vintage Designer Luggage

In modern times these exquisite pieces of luggage are best enjoyed as stunning decorator pieces in the home and office. Steamer wardrobes and courier trunks are perfectly proportioned as beautiful coffee tables; cabin and hat trunks make ideal side tables or blanket boxes at the base of the bed.

You can be the judge, though. We will bring various pieces of our vintage designer luggage to your home with our personalised in-home service so that you can witness them in use as coffee tables, end tables, blanket boxes, or any other piece of furniture that suits your specific needs. Each and every piece of vintage designer luggage we offer is sure to make a statement in your home.

Keeping the Originality of our Vintage Designer Luggage

Our aim at the Palmer & Penn is to enhance the aged beauty of these exceptional trunks without tampering with their originality. Therefore, while the trunks are meticulously cleaned, and the brass fixtures fastidiously polished to a lustrous glow, we refrain from adding new "spare parts." This ensures the integrity of each trunk remains intact and its potential as a valuable investment item is unrestricted.

Feel free to browse our online store to look at the specific inventory that is currently in stock or to enquire about an item. Our friendly team is always happy to provide more information on any of our products.