Baccarat Crystal

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Palmer & Penn is the exclusive official seller of Baccarat Crystal in Australia. As a luxury homewares store, we pride ourselves on stocking unique and hard to find items, and this beautiful selection of glassware from renowned French glassmakers Baccarat is no exception. Visit us in Double Bay, Sydney or Shop Online.



Gift Set



Highballs & Tumblers

Cocktail & Wine Glasses


The history of Baccarat dates back to 1764, when the King of France permitted the creation of a glasswork factory in the town of Baccarat, in Lorraine, an eastern region of France. In the early 1800’s, Baccarat received its first commission from the royal family of France, and from here its beginnings as a quality fine glassmaker began.

A piece of fine crystal from Baccarat is a timeless investment that you will benefit and appreciate for years to come. Dedicated to creating the finest quality glassware in the
world, a Baccarat piece is the perfect addition to your home. The fine crystal decanters prove to be ever popular, as do the fine crystal wine glasses and tableware. We also stock a number of Baccarat Gift Sets, which are perfect engagement or wedding gifts.

Exclusive Australia Baccarat Stockist

Palmer & Penn is dedicated to supplying discerning Australian buyers with unique and exclusive Baccarat Crystal. As such, we are the sole supplier of a large number of unique Baccarat pieces from their barware, crystal homewares and more.

View our Baccarat Crystal Collection in Double Bay, Sydney or Shop Online