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Versailles Candles from Trudon


Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


All About Lalique

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Lalique Glass Crystal Palmer & Penn

All About Lalique

Lalique is a name that has been synonymous with crystal glassware, jewellery, and decor for over a century. Taking its name from creator RenéLalique, the company is recognised around the globe for its state of the art designs and the unique and innovative approach to the production of each crystal piece. 

AtPalmer & Penn, we & our customers love each of theLalique Australia pieces we stock, so we thought we would provide a little background into the brand and its founder René Lalique, plus share some of our favouriteLalique glass and Lalique crystalpieces.

Who is René Lalique?

RenéLalique was born on the 6th of April, 1860 to a dressmaker and wine merchant in Champagne, the Marne region of France amongst ancient castles and vineyards. At two years of age, his family moved to Paris while continuing to spend their holidays back in his birth place. In 1872, René started studying at the College of Turgot in the School of Decorative Art.

Shortly after beginning his studies, he began his first apprenticeship with jeweller Louis Aucoc, where he learnt the nuances of jewellery design, drafting skills and had the opportunity to study jewellery, glass production and design. In 1878 he left Paris, to develop his skills in graphic design at theCrystal Palace Art School in England, where he learnt new skills with watercolours, drawings, modelling and oil paintings. René returned to Paris in 1880, and began working as a freelance designer, where he was identified as an immediate talent, gaining recognition as an independent designer by creating compelling designs that earned him acclaim with some of the most prestigious French Jewellery brands of the era, including Boucheron and Cartier.

In 1884, RenéLalique received the recognition he deserved when his drawings and sketches were presented at an exhibition of applied art in the Louvre.

The Story ofLalique 

In 1887, RenéLalique opened his Parisian store for business on Rue du Quatre-Septembre. As early as 1888 he began making a statement in the jewellery industry using innovative materials such as ivory and horn, enamel and ornamental stones. Lalique transformed regular jewellery from a single gemstone to a multi-faceted work of art. 

Everything about the jewellery had a functional element from design to production, justifying both its cost and its artistic value. He found inspiration from various landscapes and portraits, exotic birds, bouquets of flowers, pendants and tiaras.

RenéLalique's work saw wide-spread popularity and acclaim in 1890 and he opened another store at Rue Teresa, near the Paris Opera. This success allowed him to increase the production of his jewellery and expand his creativity in all aspects from colour, shape, shades and processing methods. 

Through 1900 is when RenéLalique truly solidified his reputation to become known as the ‘ Inventor of Modern Jewellery’. His work in this decade brought him many accolades such as presenting at the Brussels World’s Fair in 1897 and at the Great Exhibition in Paris, being crowned the Officer of the French Legion d’Honneur and The Grand Prix. All this worldwide ascendancy meantLaliquegained the attention of monarchs and aristocracy who appreciated the unique designs, symbolism and creativity of his jewellery that was synonymous with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movement of the time.

Shortly after his global recognition, RenéLalique opened yet another store at 24, Place Vendôme, where he exhibited not only his jewellery but also the glass ornament and decor. This sparked the interest of perfumer François Coty who was so impressed by RenéLalique’sdesigns that he asked him to put his talent to work for the perfume industry and to create glass perfume bottles from him.

Following the success of this collaborative venture,Laliquestarted to shift his focus to working on designs for the perfume industry, finally committing himself entirely to more industrial techniques of glass production.

From 1907 to his passing in 1945, Lalique devoted himself to glassmaking, establishing a factory for glassmaking in Alsace, France called ‘The Verrerie D’Alsace’ which is now the world’s onlyLaliquefactory. Through 1925-35, he was involved in the construction of the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris, made from a combination of clear and frosted glass, various large scale interior design projects such decorating the Côte d’Azur Pullman Express carriages and the Galerie des Champs-Elysées in Paris. 

Following the passing of RenéLalique, his son Marc took over as head of the business and brought the company into the age of crystal. His granddaughter, Marie-Claude, took over operations becoming CEO until the sale of the company in 2008 to the Art & Fragrance group.

TheLalique brand is now infamous for their bespoke jewellery pieces, elegant vases, perfume, unique home decor and sculptures as well as their unique use of crystal and glass throughout all of their pieces.

Lalique Jewellery

With over 130 years of history behind every piece of jewellery yet somehow reinventing themselves, collection after collection, these timeless designs made with Lalique crystal and Lalique glass are a must have. 

Lalique Crystal Papillon Necklace

This gorgeous butterfly necklace is sure to inspire lightness and radiance everytime you wear it. Made fromLalique crystal and satin-finished crystal wings with a lobster clasp system. Also available ingreen.

Lalique CrystalPapillon Bracelet

This beautifulLalique crystal bracelet is inspired by the natural flight and gleam of a butterfly with its colour, design and satin-finished crystal wings. Also available in greenand peach.

Lalique CrystalArethuse Cufflinks

TheseLalique crystal cufflinks are inspired by the famous "Masque de Femme" motif with the face of a mysterious, elegant woman wearing a headdress of aquatic life, symbolizing the nymph Arethusa. Available in blue, clear and blackLalique crystal.

Lalique Vases

Lalique GlassLanguedoc Vase

TheLalique Glass Vase takes us to the lands of the Languedoc. Between sea and mountains, this sundrenched region in the South of France offers many landscapes: wide open spaces, shrubland, ancient massifs and beautiful gorges. The raw beauty of this land has inspired many artists, including René Lalique who designed this vase with accentuated relief and generous proportions in 1929. Available insmall andlarge as well as blue (small andlarge).

Lalique Vase Feuilles 

The heart-shaped pepper leaves beautifully adorn the “Feuilles” vase. The climbing vine had already inspired the design of the salt and pepper mill co-signed by René Lalique and Peugeot in 1924, reproduced in celebration of the Villa René Lalique opening. Made fromLalique crystal.

Lalique VaseMerles Et Raisins

In 1928, René Lalique designed the Merles & Raisins decorative panels, originally in created in pressed glass on a silver background and adorned the Cuban mahogany woodwork of the legendary Orient Express. Today, the Lalique Studio reinterprets this emblematic creation, in new expressions through vases and a bowl. The precious cultural heritage of the House thus comes to life in very contemporary shapes. Made fromLalique glass.

Lalique Sculptures

Lalique Crystal Sitting Tiger Black Enamel

The Tiger is described as brave, impulsive , solitary, proud and haughty. Imposing and majestic, it has the power and grace of the great felines. The Sitting Tiger created in amberLalique crystal varies in colour from amber to cognac, a colour that is a symbol of power and virility.

Lalique Crystal Zeila Panther Sculpture

Designed by Marie-Claude Lalique, the Zeila Panther embodies the strength and grace of a large attacking feline. Through its design, the Panther's powerful muscles are evident under itsLalique crystal fur and numerous spots. Available in Amber, Grey and Clear.


If you are looking to transform your jewellery collection or add clean geometry and stylised motifs of the Art Deco movement to your living spaces, you will find the perfect Lalique piece at Palmer & Penn. View our online store or come visit our Double Bay Boutique and view the wide range ofLalique glass pieces, Lalique vases, and Lalique crystal pieces.