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Introducing Christofle

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Decorating Your home With Ralph Lauren

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Interior Style With Ralph Lauren Home

Styling Your Home With Ralph Lauren

What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the name Ralph Lauren? Some things that may come straight to mind are; fashion, designer clothing, premium clothing brand, and of course the iconic Polo, with Ralph Lauren having been an extremely popular and well regarded fashion designer all over the globe for nearly the past fifty years. At Palmer & Penn, when we hear the name ‘Ralph Lauren’ the first thing that comes to our minds is Ralph Lauren Home and Ralph Lauren Furniture, the premium homewares and furniture collections inspired and created with the same touch of elegance and eye for detail that sparked international success for the clothing labels and fashion brands created by the same man.

Between the combined collections of Ralph Lauren Home and Ralph Lauren furniture, there is an extensive range of premium quality, high-end designer products that gives the feel of elegance and style to complete and up your interior design with class. From aJaguar XKD 1955 miniature replica model that would look perfectly placed on aEmery Deskto anAlexandra Chandelier and everything in between Ralph Lauren has left absolutely no stone unturned as there is a piece that would be perfectly suited to any classic interior design, whether to illuminate the largest of rooms or a small bedside table, the collections have something for everyone.

At Palmer & Penn we are an exclusive supplier in Australia of the Ralph Lauren Home brand and as such we ship these premium products nation-wide, so it doesn't matter where you are you can still enjoy the Ralph Lauren style in your home with ease.

Let us take you on a tour of the Ralph Lauren style and how you can compliment your classic interior design with these elegant and prestigious pieces.

The Ralph Lauren Look

By combining the right mix of colours, fabrics and patterns you can create the perfect classic look that will give credit to the styles of the great fashion designer. The favoured colours and combinations for furniture, walls and accessories such as rugs are combinations of various shades of blue, white and brown, whether plain coloured or with a pattern such as stripes. The views and theme of the room should dictate the colours and colour patterns used which in turn will influence the choice of furniture styles, designs and patterns. 

If your room looks out over the water or ocean and has that light water sea feel about it, it is nice to complement this feel with light blue coloured walls and furniture patterns to match. If your room is an exterior room that happens to have an enclosed feel and overlooks mountains with the dark greens of forest in the background, perhaps a darker colour such as a light brown will compliment the feel with a choice of darker furniture will complete the look.

If you’re looking to style an interior room which is enclosed you may decide to go with a darker feel on the walls and rugs with darker colours of furniture or perhaps with a lighter wall and ceiling colour such as white and create a mixture of furniture colours, and of course a Ralph Lauren theme styled interior would not be complete regardless of colour patterns, without a collection of framed Ralph Lauren Homepaintings and artworks and once again the colour of the picture frames should be dictated by the look and feel of the room. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the style of Ralph Lauren lets have a look at how to style your interior with inspirations from Ralph Lauren.


The bedroom is where you willrest easy for the night feeling like a king or queen in comfort and in style and there are a number of Ralph Lauren Furniture pieces that can complement and suit the style, colour and feel of your bedroom. From the most prestigious looking four poster beds to bedside tables and chairs and everything in between, there is a piece of Ralph Lauren Furniture to give your bedroom the feel that you want.

The prestigiousDesert Modern Canopy Bed will have you sleeping and feeling like a modern king or queen or perhaps you enjoy a more open feel when sleeping in which case aSanora Canyon Queen Bed would be perfect for your bedroom. Of course no stylish bedroom is complete without a classy bedside table, and theNew Bohemia Bedside Table will complement your bedroom and give it that extra classy touch. To round out the feel of your Ralph Lauren inspired bedroom, you will need the ultimate chest of drawers, and we can’t think of one more suited to complete the look than aBlakely Chest for storing your important bedtime possessions.

Dining Room

Enjoying a good meal, especially in the company of good people is one of those things that we all enjoy from time to time and there is no reason to not do this in both comfort and style. To compliment your dining experience, your choice of surroundings, furniture and even tableware such as cutlery should be no less as tasteful as the food that you put into your mouth. With a selection of prestigious furniture you can complete the look with the Ralph Lauren style and touch. If you’re looking to dine like a Heiress and have a rounded table experience theHeiress Table would be perfect for your dining style and to complete that classic dining touch with aregency-style, the elegantly carved pine legs and arms of aConservative Garden Host chair will complete the look. Last but not least is to finish off your dining experience with stylish cutlery with theRonan Flatware being perfect for casual entertaining and sits beautifully for small bites such as oysters, or olives.

Home Bar

The home bar is arguably the most important part of any house as it is the centerpiece for relaxing and also for entertaining. Whether you are just mixing up a drink to enjoy after a long day or entertaining a party you can create the perfect bar that compliments the other aspects of your Ralph Lauren styled interior. The perfect stylish home bar set up begins with aDuke Bar Cart made withtempered glass, polished stainless steel casters and loose swirl Mahoganywith its rounded edges and wheels that allow for easily moving around the room. Naturally such a stylish bar needs to be complimented with stylish barware, and once again Ralph Lauren has no shortage of elegant products to get the job done such as a crystalGarrett Decanter or aWyatt Cocktail Shakercrafted from stainless steel accented by a classic saddle leather and secured by "RL"-engraved rivets.


There is no better way to light up the room with elegance and choose the best light to show off your newly styled and Ralph Lauren inspired room than with a light inspired by Ralph Lauren. Perhaps you want to show off and light up the entire room with all its glory, in which case only the best chandelier will do the job, anAlessandra Small Chandelier with an antique silver leaf finish is perfect for this or if you just want to shed some light on the small corner or little room a paysonWall Sconce will do the trick.

Buy Ralph Lauren Home

For all your Ralph Lauren inspired interior designs and styles browse our extensive ranges from both the Ralph Lauren Home and Ralph Lauren Furniture lines and find the best pieces to suit your design.

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