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Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Luxury Travel With Style

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Luxury Travel With Style

Luxury Travel With Style Part 1

As you look out the open floor to ceiling window with curtains drifting in the warm breeze taking in the beautiful view in front of you, whether it be a beautiful blue and green view overlooking the harbour, a view of green from headlands and bushland or the never ending beautiful blue of the open ocean, you realise there has been something missing from your life lately. After a crazy and drawn out period of time, most if not all of us have not been able to travel to our favourite overseas destinations or explore new potential favourite destinations as a result of the multiple travel restrictions that have been imposed upon us.

As the weather is warming up and lockdowns and travel restrictions are nearly behind us, it is time to start thinking and not just dreaming about your next luxury overseas adventure and all the thrills and excitement it will entail. So sit back and relax in your beautiful stylish interior, pour yourself a drink from your prestigioushome barand pick up a book from theAssouline Travel Collection that is sitting on your coffee table and begin thinking about your soon to be next luxury trip.

Not sure where to start? Let us atPalmer & Penn make it easy for you as we explore some luxury travel destinations and the best way to travel with sophistication and style.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is the pinnacle of the Italian dream and with just one look you will fall in love and feel as if you have actually found heaven on earth such is the beauty, charm and allure of the coastal area. Located in the Campania region of Italy with breathtaking terrain and sky-high coastal cliffs, the area is made up of 13 seaside towns filled with vibrant vegetation and idyllic blue waters as the majestic strip of coastline connects the rolling green mountains to the Mediterranean Sea below, with plenty to explore on the Amalfi Coast from quaint pebbled beaches and scenic hikes to landmarks such as the Cathedral in Amalfi and the Villa Rufolo in Ravello.

As you sit back and relax and think about visiting the beautiful Amalfi Coast and adventures that it holds, why not exploreThe Amalfi Coast Book by luxury publisherAssouline as you prepare yourself for an Amalfi vacation. As you think about travelling to the beautiful Amalfi Coast you must also think about travelling with only the highest style and class, at Palmer & Penn we recommendLouis Vuitton Cabin Trunk with D.P.P Initials to accompany your travel. With black mental trim and corners that contrast beautifully with the brass central lock and side enclosures all inscribed with L.V.


Being the second most popular region for travellers and Italy’s fifth largest region with an area of 22,994 square kilometres, this beautiful and earthly region is a feast for all the senses to enjoy and savour, especially taste. As the rolling hills of wheat and green groves of olive trees are the inspiration for world famous authentic Tuscan cuisine the region is also known for its centuries-old wine making traditions and regarded for its superb wines, most notably being the home of the Chianti. Being known for  beautiful landscapes and artistic history,Tuscany is often regarded as the birthplace of Italian Renaissance, with historic towns scattered throughout the landscape.

Dreaming of a Tuscan adventure and all the joys to the senses of taste that it will bring can be all the more realistic as we are still waiting for international travel borders to open. Sit back and enjoy a glass of your favourite Chianti that has been sitting perfectly in aBaccarat JCB Passion Wine Decanter while in between sips of the deep red flavours you enjoy a selection of the finest Olives from aWyatt Oval Tray all while flicking through and losing yourself inAssouline’s Tuscany Marvel Book as you become one with Tuscany.


Known as the ‘island of the winds’,Mykonos is a small Greek island with a total area of only 85 square kilometres and a population of only 10,000 that is located in the Cylcades and surrounded by the blue-green water of the Aegean sea. Older than nearly time itself, the island is known for its importance in Greek mythology (with myth stating that the large rocks all over the island are petrified corpses of some of the giants), as much as it is known for its predominant partying culture and lifestyle which has been even further popularized in many television shows and movies with the island even being dubbed the “Ibiza of Greece”.

You may be sitting back relaxing and envisioning the rich mythology of the island with tales such as the great battle between Zeus and the Giants and Hercules or perhaps you may be thinking of the prevalent partying and even reminiscing of your own previous party days. Whichever is your preference, letAssouline’s Mykonos Muse Book inspire your Mykonos adventure, and of course don’t forget that your adventures on the Greek island will need to be light and of course stylish with theRoyal Trunk Hat Box Small being your perfect travel or partying buddy.

St. Tropez

Full of old-world charm with narrow lovely cobblestone streets and pastel coloured houses,St. Tropez is a town located on the sparkling, glamorous and beautiful French Riviera in Southern France only 68 kilometres west of Nice. The town has enjoyed the spotlight for more than half a century with a plethora of world known high profile celebrities flocking to the area, as the name St. Tropez in itself conjures up images of luxury yachts, designer boutiques and sunbathing celebrities catching a dose of the Mediterranean sun alike. The area is also well known for its cultural events with such as Les Bravades de Saint-Tropez - an annual celebration held in the middle of May where the town celebrates its patron saint, and the Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez -  a regatta held each September with yachts as long as 50 metres entering.

The best way to get in the spirit of an adventure to St. Tropez before you can actually venture there is to pick upAssouline’s St Tropez Soleil as you think about which celebrities you may rub shoulders with while sunbathing on the beautiful beaches or mingle with at exclusive events such as the Chanel fashion show. For such a high-profile and stylish trip, naturally you will want to travel with the utmost style, aLouis Vuitton Bisten Suitcase 65 Monogram with Stickers will be your perfect travelling partner.

Hotel Secrets

Of course not travel adventure regardless of the location, whether it be the beautiful Amalfi Coast or the mythological and partying lifestyle of Mykonos would be complete without the extra added luxury of staying in aLuxury Hotel or Resort. Even though we can not travel just yet and stay in the lap of luxury, there is no reason why you cannot begin to think about where the best places are that you would like to stay. To do this, simply pick upAssouline’s Luxury Collection Hotel Secrets from your bookshelf and discover some hidden stories from some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. With an ensemble of over 150 of the world’s finest resorts and hotels there will be a story or two to inspire your stays.

Finishing Your Luxury Trip

As we are closer and closer to being able to travel again, thinking about your next travel adventure and destination should be done with as much style as your actual travel adventure and this can be simple withPalmer & Penn’s exclusive range of books from world renowned luxury publisherAssouline and theTravel Collection and don’t forget to view our extensive range ofPremium Luggage options to find the best and most stylish travel companion for you.

For more luxury travel ideas make sure to check back next month as we explore North America, including the Hamptons and Miami Beach to name a few locations.


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