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Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Designer Furniture for Your Stylish Interior

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Designer Furniture for Your Stylish Interior

Designer Furniture for Your Stylish Interior

The perfectly designed and stylish interior would not be complete without the perfect display of sophisticated and elegantDesigner Furniture, to suit and complement the beautiful surroundings. Whether you are looking for the perfect piece for your dining room, bedroom, a comfortable designer chair to relax in or the perfect lighting to best illuminate and showcase your design, atPalmer and Penn we have a huge selection of the perfect Designer Furniture including exclusive access to some of the most prestigious pieces and brands in the world includingRalph Lauren Home and Furniture among other sophisticated and classic offerings.

Casually browse through our selection ofDesigner Furniture and homewares online as you soak in the views and inspiration from the stylish looks of your interior and paint a picture in your mind's eye of the best furniture pieces to add to your collection. Keep reading below for more inspirational ideas from one of Sydney’s leading interior design specialists located in the prestigious harbourside suburb of Double Bay.

Dining Tables and Chairs

The dining room is the heart and centre of every great interior design, after all food brings all like minded and classy souls together and unites us through communal bondings that inspire our appetites with a dinner time story or two. The best dinner time stories and guests deserve only the best LuxuryDinner Tables andDinner Chairs of which can inspire stories and tales of elegance and sophistication all on their own.

Whether you have designed a beautiful dining room with classic sophistication and timeless silhouettes or created a dining area with country charm of natural touches and airy open plan spaces Palmer and Penn have the perfect collection and combination of luxury diner tables and chairs to for you to choose from to complement the dining style and feel that you have created to enjoy. If your dining design begs for the perfect round dinner table, a table such as theRalph Lauren Heiress would be perfect in accentuating your design, however, if your interior is looking for a sharper rectangular look a table such as theRalph Lauren Duke Pedestal will showcase sharpness and sophistication. Last but not least don’t  forget to be inspired to find the perfectly elegant and comfortableDesigner Chair as after all you and your guests should feel at home and dining in the lap of luxury itself.

Beds, Sofas and Bedside Tables

After a tough day's work enjoying the views of your stylish interior, it is time for you to retire for the evening and rest easy for the night feeling like a king or queen in comfort, elegance and style and there is no better way than to do this than with a beautiful, luxuryDesigner Bed. Perhaps you feel more comfortable in an open space wooden bed of which the type has stood the test of time having been rejuvenated and reinvented, featuring rounded carved wooden panelled patterns and designs of which aSanora Canyon would perfectly fit your style and needs. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable and rest easier wrapped up in a traditionally grand styled four poster canopy bed that shows off your sophistication and status as an interior design king or queen, such as aDesert Modern Canopy Bed witha cherry frame and rails and formed with mortise and tenon joints and supported by an upholstered headboard for that luxurious night’s sleep.

The best way to contrast and complement your beautiful bed and complete your bedroom’s look in showing off your style and sophistication is by pairing the perfect bedside table that has charm and character. With so many different styles, shapes and colors to choose from at Palmer and Penn we have an extensive range ofDesigner Bedside Tables and Nightstands to fit effortlessly into your bedroom’s style and suit your exquisite tastes.

Outside of your bedroom the second most relaxing place to spend time and soak in the beautiful interior views while looking into the blue skies outside the window is your living room, and as always this should be styled with the most prestigious pieces you can find. To update your living room with style, the single most important piece of furniture you can add is aDesigner Sofa selected with care, and with comfort and looks in mind. Whether you’re looking for an elegant single seater for those moments alone, a two seater for company, a three seater for extra room or an L shaped sofa to fit perfectly into the corner, Palmer and Penn has an extensive range ofDesigner Sofas from exclusive and fashionable brands to give your living room that real living feel.

Bars and Cocktail Tables

After a hard day’s work soaking in the views of your stylish interior there is no better way to enjoy some time relaxing and reflecting than mixing up that perfectly tasting cocktail or sipping on an invigorating and refreshing glass of champagne. Naturally as with everything else, yourLuxury Bar should show off elegance, sophistication and functionality, as after all this is the place where all your guests will congregate and mingle over a Martini as they stand in awe complimenting you on your breathtaking interior and choice of tasteful styles.

The best way to enjoy that perfectly mixed cocktail or aged single malt Whiskey from your homeLuxury Bar, is in giving it the respect it deserves and complementing it with the most beautifulLuxury Cocktail Table that can be found. Perhaps theNew Bohemian Cocktail Table witha generously sized square mahogany tray table and late 19th-century styling features would be the perfect partner in crime for that delicious drink or maybe your interior space is more suited to aThayer Cocktail Table with ​​a crown cerejeira frame, mahogany solids and peninsula nutmeg leather.

Mirrors and Lighting

The perfect mirror can be a prestigious focal point of any room and provide both a functional and decorative need with even the most beautiful and elegant of interior designs and designers requiring the perfectDesigner Mirror for the perfect reflection. Whether you are looking for a smaller sized vanity mirror to admire your good looks, or an intricate piece that gives the illusion of depth and degree in a larger room, Palmer and Penn have an extensive range ofDesigner Mirrors from the more traditional rectangular and round mirrors to the more adventurous and bolder shapes and designs that reflect upon your stylish interior.

After all the hard work in designing and creating your perfect interior design there is no better way in showcasing the elegance and style than shining the perfect light in the right places, and the best way to do that is with beautifully illuminated pieces ofDesigner Lighting from the world's leading and most exclusive brands. Perhaps you are looking for the soft glow of a lamp to focus on a beautiful luxury table making it the centre of attention such as aGarner Table Lamp or maybe you are looking for the soft glow of a lantern hanging over your guests heads and gently lighting up the entire room such as aSmoke Ball Lantern.

For all the practicalDesigner Furniture and luxury pieces to complement your interior style, browse the Palmer and Penn range and find your inspirations from within and channel them out.
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