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Versailles Candles from Trudon


Introducing Christofle

Founded in 1830, Christofle is a renowned French luxury brand, famous for its exceptional silverware and innovative metalwork.


Luxury Homewares to Compliment Your Stylish Interior

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Luxury Homewares

Luxury Homewares to Compliment Your Stylish Interior

Let’s face it, spending the time designing and styling your perfect dream interior can be one of life’s guilty pleasures and most satisfying endeavours. With 16 years of experience in designing and styling some of the best and most prestigious interiors in Sydney, we at Palmer and Penn have taken the time and privilege in breaking down the best ways for you to style your interior for a sophisticated and elegant feel.

By styling your interior with only the best exclusive andLuxury Homewares you can feel blessed as you sit back and enjoy soaking in the surroundings you have created and best of all... be the envy of all your guests.

Luxury Tableware

Food is the centre of everything and life itself so it only makes sense that yourLuxury Tableware will take centre stage and presence. To present an elegant appearance of style and sophistication to your guests as you enjoy the finest luncheon or dinner your tableware should compliment your company, and the best way to do this is with sparkling glasses such as theBaccarat Everyday 6 Tumbler Set paired with gleaming cutlery such as aAerin Leon Cheese and Knife Set while your meal is served on delicious lookingAerin Elia plates.

For more ideas on how to spice up your dining room experience, view the Palmer and PennLuxury Tableware collection for inspiration as you salivate over your next dinner party.

Luxury Artwork and Luxury Photo Frames

Famed writer Thomas Merton once said“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” and what better way to to both find and lose yourself than to add style and decadence to your newly designed interior with a visually immersive collection of the finestLuxury Artwork complemented by a suaveLuxury Photo Frame to match. Whether you are an art critic looking for the next piece to add to your collection or just want that beautifully breathtaking piece that catches everyone's eye and attention, browse thePalmer and Penn range of luxury artwork and photo frames to find your next visually stunning piece.

Luxury Sculptures and Luxury Vases

Bring style, life and a piece or two of the wild into your new interior surroundings with a collection of the most beautiful and naturalLuxury Sculptures preciously scattered throughout your home. With such beautiful pieces as theLalique Zeila Panther being bothnimble and sensual as she approaches stealthily preparing for her attack, or theBaccarat Butterfly poised to flutter off with crystal glinting vibrantly with bright colour, you could have a different collection for each room.

Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside and livening up your interior with only the freshest, most beautiful, lovely scented and vibrant glowing flowers and plants for your sense to enjoy requires only the finest and sophisticatedLuxury Vases to match. Why not match your beautiful anemone flowers, a symbol of purity and innocence with a beautifulLalique Anemones Vass or place your beautifully gifted red roses in a beautifully matchedBaccarat Louxor Round Vass.

For more stylish and sophisticated ideas on decorating your interior with sculptures of the wild or for beautiful flower and vase pairings browse the Palmer and Penn range ofLuxury Sculptures andLuxury Vases

Luxury Decorative Pieces

Leave no stone unturned and no space or corner untouched within your new stylish interior and give it the real warm, homely and sophisticated feel that it deserves enhanced by those littleLuxury Decorative Pieces and touches that give the homely touch. Make your favourite ottoman in the corner for you to sit and enjoy the views stand out with aRalph Lauren Lafayette Throw Pillow or make your desk look and feel more inviting with aBugatti Type 59 model.

Luxury Barware

The bar is the best place to be and the place where everyone will congregate to soak in the views and compliment you on your new stylish interior design, and there is no better way to complement them back than by serving up a delicious beverage with only the finest collection ofLuxury Barware.

You and your guests can savour the aromas and flavours on your palette while savouring the feel and look of beautiful crystal glassware such as enjoying a crisp dry martini (shaken not stirred of course), in aBaccarrat Vega Martini glass withcrystal pieces resembling exquisite beads strung together, or enjoy the finest aged single malt from the exquisite silhouette of aBaccarat Whiskey Decanter.

View the Palmer and Penn range ofLuxury Barware to compliment your home bar with a number of exclusive products to choose from, including; champagne coolers, champagne flutes, cocktail shakers, coasters, decanters, highball glasses, ice buckets, crystal martini glasses, pouring jugs, tumblers, wine glasses and more home bar accessories.

Luxury Boxes

Store your valued possessions with style, elegance and sophistication, after all you don’t want to store your precious items and little bits and pieces in unsightly and out of place looking boxes that spoil the beautiful interior views you have worked so hard to create and enjoy. With the most beautiful ofLuxury Boxes, you can ensure nothing is kept out of place and nothing looks out of place, you can even store yourTissues with style. For inspiration on how to store your valued items browse the Palmer and Penn range of Luxury Boxes.

As an established and well-respected styling andLuxury Homewares destination, scouring the globe for unique and exclusive products from the top designer brands, at Palmer and Penn we offer a product range for you that is as unique as it is high end for all your interior desires.