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Designing a Luxurious Bedroom

  • 5 min read

Designing A Luxurious Bedroom

Designing a Luxurious Bedroom Part 1

For many, the bedroom is a personal sanctuary and a place of peace, quiet and the feeling of restfulness and relaxation, as after all it is recommended that for optimal health we should be getting between eight and ten healthy hours of quality sleep each night. Though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sleep in luxury or be surrounded by luxury when asleep as after all the rest of your interior design is all about luxury and surroundings.

Let us atPalmer & Penn guide you on how to perfectly design your bedroom for that perfect and luxurious night’s sleep where you can sleep in comfort like a king or a queen.


The perfect bed is the most important and quintessential part of any bedroom and this is no different for a luxury bedroom as the bed will be the centrepiece and dictate the design and look of the rest of the room. As well as showing off feelings of prestige and elegance a bed has a number of crucial features and factors that must be taken into consideration, these include; safety, comfort, support, and design.

Depending on your style and how you like to sleep, Palmer & Penn have a number of luxurious bedding options for you to choose from. If you like to sleep in elegance and bestow the look of power like a king or queen, perhaps a wooden four-poster canopy bed such as aRalph Lauren Desert Modern Canopy is the perfect choice for you. If you prefer a more open style of sleeping, especially in the summer time as a cool breeze flows in, perhaps aSanora Canyon bed is more suited to your needs. If your style is more to keep your feet up as you sleep or keep the warmth in, aMayfair Tufted Bed may be more of your style. For something that is a bit different, however still shows off luxury and class,Dalton Leather Bed with Peninsula Nutmeg Leather and contrast stitch detailing may take your fancy.

Linen and Bedding

After a bed, the second most important piece to your luxury bedroom and one that is particularly important for a good night's rest is choosing the right bedding manchester and embroidered pieces including the duvet, sheets, pillows and pillowcases and of course don’t forget to choose the best colour and pattern to compliment your bedroom whether it be a lighter or darker colour complexion.

AtPalmer & Penn, we stock an extensive range of manchester, bedding and linen by world renowned brandFrette, which was founded in Milan in 1860 and are well known for their unparalleled quality, unique designs and superior finish and feel having been the preferred choice of over 500 European dynastie with products made from the finest quality fabrics.

For those warmer summer nights aCotton Flat Sheet will help you sink into a peaceful night’s sleep and will be the perfect complement to your rest without becoming too hot. For the colder nights of winter aLinks Embroided Duvet Cover Set will be the perfect cover with a bold “chain” embroidery on the front side that are both bold and elegant and will transform your bedroom into a luxurious escape. To fill your Links Embroided Duvet Cover Set we recommend aCortina Duvet Filler with 85% polish white goose down and covered in a white 380 thread count.

To sink into luxury itself when it is time to rest your head, you will requires only the softest and most luxurious pillow that money can buy, theLux Glowing Weave Decorative Pillow which combines a premium blend of yarn-dried silk and cotton jacquard will add a feeling of calmness to your sleep. Lastly, and not leastly to help you rest your head in comfort and luxury you will need theUltimate Pillowcase crafted from the highest grade Egyptian cotton leaving a relaxing feeling of both smooth and silky.

Bedside Tables

A must for any luxury bedroom and a necessity for practicality reasons and purposes, an aesthetically pleasing bedside table can become a decorative piece all in itself. Obviously you will need somewhere convenient and easy to keep those night time possessions of yours such as a bedside reading lamp and glass of water as well as somewhere to keep your everyday valuables, however there is no reason for this to take away the feelings of charm and elegance from your luxury bedroom.

If you are looking for something that is purely practical yet still beautiful and simple in an elegant way, aModern Hollywood Night Stand with open shelves and a dark finish of Walnut veneer will fit in perfectly with what you are looking for. If you are looking for pure simplicity and pure class at the same time aNew Bohemian Bedside Table with an urn-shaped pedestal base, Bowery Mahogany finish, and shapely silhouette will be perfect for you. Perhaps your bedside needs require more room for closed storage of your possessions as opposed to just an open surface, if this is the case aThayer Bedside Chest will be more than suitable for your needs and with Mahogany solids and Peninsula Nutmeg leather it will look like it naturally belongs.

Bedside Chairs

Even though the bed gets all the credit and will always be the main feature of your luxury bedroom, having a nice bedside chair or a chair sitting in the corner can really give your bedroom that extra homely feel and complementing the surroundings as well as being there for more practical reasons.

A simple yet sophisticated chair is all that is needed to complement your luxury bedroom and give that simple extra touch of class with aSt German Occasional Chair with an elite Springdown seat cushion being a nice and comfortable addition to the corner of any luxury bedroom. For a more elegant look and something that is more attention grabbing without looking out of place aHepplewhite Wing Chair with a walnut frame and antique silver casters would make a fine addition to say the least.

Sleep in Style

Designing a luxurious bedroom that compliments the rest of your interior style and stands out all by itself can be a challenge yet a very fulfilling project to undertake, don’t forget that we at Palmer & Penn are here to help you throughout the entire process and help you with choosing the best pieces for your luxury bedroom.

Make sure to check back next month and read part 2 of Designing a Luxurious Bedroom where we will explore more furniture options and how to decorate your ensuite with class.

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